Report: Climate-Induced Migration A Growing Humanitarian Threat

(AlertNet) March 13, 2012- Disaster-prone Asia Pacific will see a surge in climate-induced migration this century and governments need to start planning to avoid humanitarian crises caused by millions of people fleeing their homes, a new report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) warned Tuesday. Migration linked to climate change, a phenomenon that will “only […]

New Paper: Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches

(Up Front Blog) February 21, 2012 – There are many uncertainties around climate change-related human mobility, particularly when it comes to potential cross -border movements. In the first place, it is difficult to predict the number of people who will be displaced or who will decide to migrate for reasons related to climate change. And […]

New Paper: Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change

A new paper in UNHCR’s Legal and Protection Policy Research Series considers protection options for people displaced as a result of climate change. Entitled “Protecting People Crossing Bor ders in the Context of Climate Change: Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches,” the paper looks at “normative gaps as well as current approaches on cross-border movements induced […]

Report: Women Who Go, Women Who Stay: Reactions to Climate Change in Mexico

We’re a little slow on the unveiling of this, but Heinrich Boll Stiftung released a publication in November 2010 on the gendered migration responses of communities in Chiapas called “

New Report: Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict

The Center for American Progress just released a report on “Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict: Addressing Complex C risis Scenarios in the 21st Century.” It’s the first ever from the left-leaning think tank on climate and migration. From the summary: In this paper and the reports to follow, we will discuss regional case studies in […]

New Study: "Climate Refugees" Legal and Policy Responses to Environmentally Induced Migration

The European Parliament’s Policy Department of Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs has put out a study on “Climate Refugees: ” Legal and Policy Responses to Environmentally Induced Migration. This is a welcome addition to the already rife discourse on potential legal and policy responses for environmentally-induced migrants. Specifically, according to the abstract, the study “sets […]