Spotlight: Environmental Migration in Ecuador and Indonesia

Clark L. Gray, a geographer and postdoctoral researcher at Duke University, has been adding to the sorely needed field of evidence-based research on environment and migration, with emphases on Ecuador and Indonesia, since 2008. His dissertation, “Out-Migration and Rural Livelihoods in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes,” a winner of the Nystrom Dissertation Award, was the first […]

"Climate Refugees" in Bangladesh – Answering the Basics: The Where, How, Who and How Many

edToolbar() (Displacement Solutions) June 10, 2010 – Extreme climate events – be it the result of environmental destruction by people, or naturally occurring changes in cl imate – are forcing people to flee their traditional place of residence with enormous sufferings in points of transit and the points of destination without any support from aid […]

One Million Displaced as Typhoon Morakot Slams Into China

(CNN) August 10, 2009 – A deadly typhoon that slammed into China’s coastal provinces and Taiwan over the weekend has displaced nearly one million people and left dozens missing, state-run media reported Monday. High winds and torrential rain of Typhoon Morakot hit coastal provinces Fujian and Zhejian hardest, and caused the worst flooding in decades […]

Photography: ‘A Tale of Paradise Lost’

[Agence VU] In the last 10 years, farmers like Hatem Ali have had to disassemble and move their tin-and-bamboo houses five times to escape the encroaching waters of the huge Brahmaputra River in Kurigram. This river is swollen out of all proportion by severe monsoon that scientists attribute to global warming and melting ice in […]