Video: The Rising Tide

Ekta Kothari submitted this video on January 8, 2010 as an entry to the ExchangesConnect 2009 Video Contest ‘Change Your Climate, Change Our World’. This film highlights the impacts of climate change in the Sundarbans, which is located across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The rising sea level has already claimed an island […]

Video: Bangladesh's Rising Floodwaters

(Al Jazeera) October 10, 2009 – In the middle of the world’s largest delta, an island is disappearing. Bhola Island is the “ground zero” of climate change, and home to what have been called the world’s first climate refugees. Bangladesh’s largest island is located where one of the country’s mightiest rivers, the Meghna, meets the […]

Video: Moving to Higher Ground

I posted a news article in May about how the village of Newtok, Alaska voted to relocate its 340 residents to new homes 9 miles away because of land degredation and flooding from permafrost melt. Below is a short video about this story by Powering a Nation; a News21 project by students of the School […]

Residents Vote To Abandon Village In Alaska

(CNN) – “The indigenous people of Alaska have stood firm against some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth for thousands of years. But now, flooding blamed on climate change is forcing at least one Eskimo village to move to safer ground. The community of the tiny coastal village of Newtok voted to relocate […]