News: Bangladesh’s Climate Displacement Nightmare

(The Ecologist) April 18, 2011 – While scientists and the international community endlessly debate and argue, millions of Bangladeshi citizens have already been displaced by climate change – for them the worst-case ‘nightmare’ climate scenario is already real Climate displacement has arrived without mercy in Bangladesh. In Khulna district alone, some 60,000 Bangladeshi citizens have […]

Film: The Uprooted People

Below is a documentary film entitled “The Uprooted People” which was recently uploaded to YouTube by the Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS) of Bangladesh. LEDARS is a Bangladeshi NGO working in the southwest of the country, where its main focus is climate change and adaptation, human rights, gender equity, water and sanitation […]

Five-part multimedia series investigates Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have posted before about one of the fastest growing “megacities” in the world, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nearly 500,000 migrants flow into the capital city each year, many motivated by environmental pressures. Erik German and Solana Pyne of GlobalPost examine the future of Dhaka in a five-part multimedia special report. This series is currently shown on […]

"Climate Refugees" in Bangladesh – Answering the Basics: The Where, How, Who and How Many

edToolbar() (Displacement Solutions) June 10, 2010 – Extreme climate events – be it the result of environmental destruction by people, or naturally occurring changes in cl imate – are forcing people to flee their traditional place of residence with enormous sufferings in points of transit and the points of destination without any support from aid […]

News: IOM Launches Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Displacement

(International Organization for Migration) May 28, 2010 – Bangladesh –  A year after Cyclone Aila, the last major cyclone to hit southwest Bangladesh, IOM and the BRAC Development Institute (BDI) have organized the country’s first policy dialogue on Environment, Climate Change and Migration. The meeting, which was attended by government policy makers, representatives of civil […]

Video: "Hot Cities" Documentary Series by BBC World News

“Hot Cities” is a powerful and informative documentary series that was aired last fall on BBC World News TV. This is an excellent eight-part series about the present effects of climate change on cities around the world. Three of the episodes center around the issue of human mobility as a result of climate change at […]