Publication: Climate Change, Environment, and Migration in the Sahel

The research project micle – “Migration, Climate and Environmental Changes in the Sahel” – investigates the social-ecological conditions of population movements in Mali and Senegal. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to a better understanding of the complex relationships between (climate-related) environmental changes and migration. Sahelian countries are expected to be amongst the regions most […]

IFPRI Asks: Environmental Migrants: A Myth?

The International Food Policy Research Institute released a brief on “Environmental Migrants: A Myth?” From their website: Environmental migration has been the subject of lively debate in recent years. Recent International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) research lets us put this debate into perspective. Microlevel evidence has improved our understanding of how climate affects individual […]

Climate change, Desertification, and Migration: Connecting the dots

(Responding to Climate Change) April 27, 2012 – While climate change and desertification can often go hand in hand, each one able to exacerbate the other, the role these two factors play in migration is starting to gain increasing prominence in research circles. “When it comes to climate change we speak more on the impact […]

News: Syria’s Woes Paint Picture of Environmental Migration to Come

(AlertNet) August 1, 2011 – The political turmoils in Syria, along with Egypt and other countries in the Middle East, have entangled the international community and served as a major test of global governance. Syria’s political difficulties have lead to such problems as a stream of refugees fleeing to the Turkish border, exacerbated sectarian tensions and contributed to […]

News: Immigration surging in Cameroon as farmers and fishermen desert shrinking Lake Chad

(Reuters AlertNet) October 5, 2010 – YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Yaounde’s Briketteri neighbourhood, home to Muslim traders in textiles and beef, is seeing a surge of climate migrants – farmers and fishermen fleeing fast-drying Lake Chad to the north. Aisha Alim 42, a former Lake Chad farmer, now earns a meager leaving selling fried peanuts in […]

Will Climate Change Lead to Mass Immigration from Mexico?

(The New Republic) July 27, 2010 – Will a hotter climate mean more immigration? In some places, yes, that’s quite possible. Earlier this week, a team of researchers led by Princeton’s Michael Oppenheimer published a study suggesting that as global warming causes agricultural yields in Mexico to decline, an additional 1.4 million to 6.7 million […]