Video: Diffa – Pastoral Nomads in Niger

The International Institute for Environment and Development produced a movie on pastoral nomads in Niger and the increasing pressures they face as their traditional pastures dry up. The description of the movie is below. Diffa is a hot and arid region. Neighbouring Lake Chad has dried up over recent decades to a small fraction of […]

How to Halt Desertification

Desertification is estimated to affect over 2 billion people in 140 countries if left unchecked, many of whom would be forced to move hundreds of miles to find usable land. So how do we stop desertification? The UN Dispatch says: Build a wall made out of sand and bacteria! Build a giant wall. 6,000 kilometers […]

Increasing Desertification in China May Create Millions of Environmental Migrants

(The Guardian UK) May 18, 2009 – When the desert winds tear up the sands outside his front door, Huang Cuikun, pictured below in a dried-up riverbed near his home, says he is choked by dust, visibility falls to a few metres and the crops are ruined. Dust storms hit his village in Gansu province […]