IFPRI Asks: Environmental Migrants: A Myth?

The International Food Policy Research Institute released a brief on “Environmental Migrants: A Myth?” From their website: Environmental migration has been the subject of lively debate in recent years. Recent International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) research lets us put this debate into perspective. Microlevel evidence has improved our understanding of how climate affects individual […]

News: Syria’s Woes Paint Picture of Environmental Migration to Come

(AlertNet) August 1, 2011 – The political turmoils in Syria, along with Egypt and other countries in the Middle East, have entangled the international community and served as a major test of global governance. Syria’s political difficulties have lead to such problems as a stream of refugees fleeing to the Turkish border, exacerbated sectarian tensions and contributed to […]

Video: Diffa – Pastoral Nomads in Niger

The International Institute for Environment and Development produced a movie on pastoral nomads in Niger and the increasing pressures they face as their traditional pastures dry up. The description of the movie is below. Diffa is a hot and arid region. Neighbouring Lake Chad has dried up over recent decades to a small fraction of […]

Climate-Related Disasters Force 20 Million Out of Homes in 2008

(IRIN) September 23, 2009 – Climate related natural disasters like droughts, hurricanes and floods forced 20 million people – slightly less than the population of Australia – out of their homes in 2008 alone said a new study, making a strong case for regularly monitoring displacement in the context of climate change. A total of […]

Video: Kenya and the Realities of Rural to Urban Migration

Erratic weather patterns and increasing droughts and floods due to climate change are causing people in rural Kenya to migrate to the urban centre of Nairobi. There is evidence that already crowded slums are being overwhelmed by constant arrivals of people who are seeking a better life due to loss of rural livelihoods in the southeastern […]

Syria: Drought Driving Farmers to the Cities

(IRIN) September 2, 2009 – Thousands of Syrian farming families have been forced to move to cities in search of alternative work after two years of drought and failed crops followed a number of unproductive years. “The situation has now got really severe; we are talking about desert, rather than farming land,” said Abdel Qader […]