The German Marshall Fund Examines Climate-Induced Migration

The German Marshall Fund (GMF) based in Washington, DC launched an initiative last June to examine the link between climate change and migration and address its knowledge gaps. This project is now one of many researching this topic and has gathered leading experts in the field. Its core mission is to bring the topic to […]

Live Online Event: The Global Implications of Climate Migration

Update March 3: Here is the video in its entirety from the event. Click on the play button to start. The Center for American Progress in Washington, DC is hosting an event entitled “The Global Implications of Climate Migration” on March 1, 2010, 10:00am – 11:30am. Speakers will discuss the intersection of climate change, development, […]

As the Land Disappears, an Indian Tribe Plans to Abandon its Ancestral Louisiana Home

(Facing South) October 7, 2009 – For at least 170 years, Isle de Jean Charles — a narrow ridge of land lying between Bayou Terrebonne and Bayou Pointe-aux-Chene in southeastern’s Terrebonne Parish — has been home to members of the Biloxi-Chitimacha tribe, native people related to the Choctaw and part of a larger confederation of […]

Video: Moving to Higher Ground

I posted a news article in May about how the village of Newtok, Alaska voted to relocate its 340 residents to new homes 9 miles away because of land degredation and flooding from permafrost melt. Below is a short video about this story by Powering a Nation; a News21 project by students of the School […]

Podcast: Native Americans Lose Land to Rising Sea Levels

Over the next century, rising sea levels will transform coastlines all over the world. According to global reports, the impact will be felt the hardest in such places as Bangledesh and the low-lying Pacific Islands. buy propecia generic However, America is also at risk from the effects of the rising waters. A study which was […]

Residents Vote To Abandon Village In Alaska

(CNN) – “The indigenous people of Alaska have stood firm against some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth for thousands of years. But now, flooding blamed on climate change is forcing at least one Eskimo village to move to safer ground. The community of the tiny coastal village of Newtok voted to relocate […]