'Time to Click' Shows Us the Human Face of Climate Change

‘Time to Click’ is an internet campaign calling on photographers around the world – professional and amateur alike – to help show the human face of climate change. Time to Click asks photographers to submit pictures that show how climate change affects their communities right now, and how it affects people in the places they’ve […]

Video: Moving to Higher Ground

I posted a news article in May about how the village of Newtok, Alaska voted to relocate its 340 residents to new homes 9 miles away because of land degredation and flooding from permafrost melt. Below is a short video about this story by Powering a Nation; a News21 project by students of the School […]

Confronting a Rising Tide: A Proposal for a Convention on Climate Change Refugees

Harvard Law School has just published the second issue of thier semi-annual Harvard Environmental Law Review. The issue includes the article Confronting a Rising Tide: A Proposal for a Convention on Climate Change Refugees, which is authored by Harvard Law School lecturers Bonnie Docherty and Tyler Giannini. This is an excellent piece which advocates for […]

Podcast: Native Americans Lose Land to Rising Sea Levels

Over the next century, rising sea levels will transform coastlines all over the world. According to global reports, the impact will be felt the hardest in such places as Bangledesh and the low-lying Pacific Islands. buy propecia generic However, America is also at risk from the effects of the rising waters. A study which was […]

Defining Environmental Migrants as "Survival Migrants"?

In a recently published report, two academics from Oxford University have come up with the term “survival migrants” to accommodate groups who do not fall within the legal refugee definition in the 1951 Refugee Convention. Dr. Alexander Betts and his co-author Esra Kaytaz say that “survival migrants” are described as “forced migrants who are not […]

EFMSV Conference Outcome Summary Now Available

In a previous post I wrote about the International Conference on Environment, Forced Migration, and Social Vulnerability (EFMSV) held in Bonn, Germany last October. It was the first ever large scale international event organized on the issue of environmental migration. The “Bonn Points”, which contains nine critical questions concerning environmentally induced migration, were posed during […]