EFMSV Conference Outcome Summary Now Available

In a previous post I wrote about the International Conference on Environment, Forced Migration, and Social Vulnerability (EFMSV) held in Bonn, Germany last October. It was the first ever large scale international event organized on the issue of environmental migration. The “Bonn Points”, which contains nine critical questions concerning environmentally induced migration, were posed during the conference to the 300 participants from various backgrounds ranging from scientists and environmental activists to government officials. The answers to these questions are based on the collective feedback from the participants, and are now available online in a condensed document.

According to the document, the participants “were not able to agree on succinct consensus answers to the complex questions, so the answers may sometimes be formulated as provocative statements triggering further thoughts and debate rather than concluding the debates.” “We hope that the ‘Bonn Points’ effectively distil the spirit of the conference, highlight its findings and indicate ‘terra incognita’ for further research on environmentally induced migration”, stated Tamer Affifi, Associate Academic Officer for the UN University.

You can read the outcome of the Bonn Points questions here.

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