Rights of Migrants

The original article below is written by guest blogger for Towards Recognition Joana Armie

The human history says we were nomadic in the-moving place to place-the Bible has all reference of the way the people were moving in the wilderness in search of food and water. Right for identity-passport contact number. The passport-having a passport or other relevant document that will help to identify and come under the headcount of statistics. The migrants may or may not have a valid passport of the country of origin and it is the first and foremost duty and right of such persons to establish their identity by procuring a meaningful legal document from the country where they are staying as a migrant. The number will help identify the person thus the dignity of the human person is restored. Right to food and water-the human person should be given sufficient food to keep the body and soul intact, they have the right for food and water for survival.

Right to shelter-The migrants who have fled from their homes have the right for shelter and accommodation. The adverse climatic conditions in the new region demands a reasonable shelter if not a home with all basic amenities at least with minimum facilities to stay in a human condition. Right to health care and medicines-most of the migrants are from countries affected by war and famine and hence their basic heath may not be sound. Especially the women and children need health care. Proper medication will help the migrants to escape from epidemics and contagious sickness they may affect them in the new environment they are forced to accept as their living place.

Right to clothing –Man need to be protected from the environment and more so the dignity of the human person is the first and foremost right of any human person and in the case of the Migrants it is also a valid right to be a human person even in this adversity and difficulty. Right for legal Aid-The Migrants should be provided legal assistance under the international norms so as to fight their rights at the other end that is the country of origin and after all they may like to go back to their home land or in some cases forcefully deported to their country of origin.

Right to marriage and child birth-The migrants like any of the communities will have to have freedom of family life and child birth. The international law should find sufficient provisions to marriage of the Migrants. Right to have services of worship and prayer-this is considered to be a right to worship and prayer.

A migrant group may find time and space for worship in whatever form permitted in the country of stay. Right for education-the children of the school going age have the write to education at the primary level. If they want they can even persue their higher studies in whatever country they want if it is affordable. The right to travel with in the country of migration and to attend to meetings related to Migrants with in the country. The Migrants need to be treated with all human dignity and these Rights will definitely ensure this.

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