Rights of Migrants

The original article below is written by guest blogger for Towards Recognition Joana Armie The human history says we were nomadic in the-moving place to place-the Bible has all reference of the way the people were moving in the wilderness in search of food and water. Right for identity-passport contact number. The passport-having a passport […]

News: Policy makers still leaving climate migrants out in the cold

(Reuters AlertNet) November 29, 2010 – The unsolved puzzle of what to do with people forced from their homes by the effects of climate change – a hot topic a couple of years ago – seems to have slid down the agendas of aid agencies, policy makers and the media. Maybe we’ve grown tired of […]

Climate Change, Migration and Displacement Events at COP16

The United Nations Climate Change Conference starts tomorrow in Cancun and runs for two weeks. I am travelling right now where internet is limited so I will try my best keep the blog updated. I will be in Cancun during the second week to attend and cover a few of the related meetings. Below are […]

Film: The Uprooted People

Below is a documentary film entitled “The Uprooted People” which was recently uploaded to YouTube by the Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS) of Bangladesh. LEDARS is a Bangladeshi NGO working in the southwest of the country, where its main focus is climate change and adaptation, human rights, gender equity, water and sanitation […]

News: Immigration surging in Cameroon as farmers and fishermen desert shrinking Lake Chad

(Reuters AlertNet) October 5, 2010 – YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Yaounde’s Briketteri neighbourhood, home to Muslim traders in textiles and beef, is seeing a surge of climate migrants – farmers and fishermen fleeing fast-drying Lake Chad to the north. Aisha Alim 42, a former Lake Chad farmer, now earns a meager leaving selling fried peanuts in […]

Five-part multimedia series investigates Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have posted before about one of the fastest growing “megacities” in the world, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nearly 500,000 migrants flow into the capital city each year, many motivated by environmental pressures. Erik German and Solana Pyne of GlobalPost examine the future of Dhaka in a five-part multimedia special report. This series is currently shown on […]