Jon Barnett: Climate Adaptation Not Just Building Infrastructure, But Expanding Options “I think it’s appropriate to think about [climate change] adaptation or investments in adaptation as investments to open up the range of choices available to people to deal with an uncertain future,” said Jon Barnett, associate professor of geography at the University of Melbourne, in an interview with ECSP. “In some circumstances it might […]

News: Preparation for Climate Displacement Too Slow, Experts Say

(AlertNet) December 5, 2011 – Climate impacts such as worsening droughts, flooding, storm surges and sea level rise could displace tens of mill ions of people by mid-century, scientists predict. But national and international rules governing resettlement of forced environmental migrants, and how they will be treated under the law, remain at a worryingly early […]

Special Issue: Environmentally-Induced Migration in the Context of Social Vulnerability

Thanks to Forced Migration Current Awareness we learned of a special issue of International Migration that focuses on environmentally-induced migration. Contents include the following: A Decision Framework for Environmentally Induced Migration Multidimensional Re-creation of cialis sale Vulnerabilities and Potential for Resilience in International Migration The Thin Line Between Choice and Flight: Environment and Migration in Rural […]

New Publication: Climate Change and Displacement

Jane McAdam has further added to the gap in climate change and migration literature with her newest opus Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. As her book summary outlines: Environmental migration is not new. Nevertheless, the events and processes accompanying global climate change threaten to increase human movement both within States and across international borders. The […]

New Initiative: ClimatePrep.Org

The World Wildlife Fund established the Climate Prep blog to “define climate change adaptation through illustrations of on the ground adaptation projects and scientific adaptation studies, explorations of adaptation concepts, and tracking firsthand the progress of adaptation in the international policy arena.” This is especially pertinent to the field of climate change-induced migration, as the […]

New Publication: Climate Change and Small Island States

Geographers Jon Barnett and John Campbell bring climate change impacts in small island states to the fore with their new aptly-named book Climate Change and Small Island States. Not that island states didn’t already enjoy popular attention, as the book’s description suggests: Small Island Developing States are often depicted as being among the most vulnerable […]