News: Dhaka in Building Boom to Accommodate Climate Migrants

(Reuters AlertNet) Febraury 12, 2010 – DHAKA, Bangladesh – A building boom in rickety new huts is underway in Korail slum, the biggest temporary residence of landless people in Bangladesh’s capital. A growing flood of landless poor, many displaced by climate-related problems, are moving into the canal-side slum, which lies adjacent to Gulshan, one of […]

Blog Action Day: How Will Bangladeshis Adapt to Climate Change?

BBC asks how will Bangladeshis cope with rising sea levels? Where will the population go? Up to 20 million people in low-lying Bangladesh are at risk from rising sea-levels, according to new research. The BBC’s David Shukman has been to see how some of the solutions may help those who are in areas vulnerable to […]

In a Changing Climate, Migration as Adaptation is Key

Over the past few weeks, climate migration as exaggeration has been a popular refrain. Most notably, in a recently published article in Environment and Urbanization, where Dr. Cecilia Tacoli, senior researcher at the International Institute of Environment and Development, further makes the case that climate-induced migration projections are wildly inflated. Why, you ask yourself, would […]

Mobility Key to Climate Change Adaptation, Say Experts

edToolbar() (IRIN) September 15, 2009 – “Migration and mobility are always seen as exceptions but they are the norm. Mobility helps people get out of poverty,” s aid Cecelia Tacoli, senior researcher with London-based NGO the International Institute for Environment and Development. “If people affected by climate change lack access to resources or need to […]

Climate-related Migration Estimates Flawed, Researchers Say

(IRIN) September 9, 2009 – Many recent studies have put the number of climate-change-related migrants at between 200 million and one billion by 2050, but critics say given insufficient data it is impossible to estimate the number. Some say inflated figures have spurred “fear-of-migration” rhetoric from policymakers and leaders. “It seems unlikely the alarmist predictions of […]

How to Halt Desertification

Desertification is estimated to affect over 2 billion people in 140 countries if left unchecked, many of whom would be forced to move hundreds of miles to find usable land. So how do we stop desertification? The UN Dispatch says: Build a wall made out of sand and bacteria! Build a giant wall. 6,000 kilometers […]