Paper: Rethinking Durable Solutions to Displacement in the Context of Climate Change

(Brookings Institution) May 14, 2012 – Displacement caused by conflict and human rights violations is typically resolved through the pursuit of three “durable solutions”: local integration, resettlement or voluntary return. It has often been assumed that durable solutions mark the end of mobility for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). However, in recent years it […]

International Dialogue on Migration N°18 – Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, and Migration

As part of IOM’s annual International Dialogue on Migration – dedicated in 2011 to the theme The Future of Migration: Building Capacities for Change – the IOM membership selected the topic “Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration” as the focus of a workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on 29 and 30 March 2011. The workshop identified […]

New Paper: Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches

(Up Front Blog) February 21, 2012 – There are many uncertainties around climate change-related human mobility, particularly when it comes to potential cross -border movements. In the first place, it is difficult to predict the number of people who will be displaced or who will decide to migrate for reasons related to climate change. And […]

New Paper: Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate Change

A new paper in UNHCR’s Legal and Protection Policy Research Series considers protection options for people displaced as a result of climate change. Entitled “Protecting People Crossing Bor ders in the Context of Climate Change: Normative Gaps and Possible Approaches,” the paper looks at “normative gaps as well as current approaches on cross-border movements induced […]

Video: Foresight Report on Migration and Global Environmental Change

Did you miss the momentous report on “Migration and Global Environmental Change” released by the UK’s Government Office for Science’s Foresight Programme? Have you been living under a rock? No worries. You can read a short summary by the UK’s Government Chief Scientific Adviser John Beddington, or you can catch the video below.

New Study: "Climate Refugees" Legal and Policy Responses to Environmentally Induced Migration

The European Parliament’s Policy Department of Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs has put out a study on “Climate Refugees: ” Legal and Policy Responses to Environmentally Induced Migration. This is a welcome addition to the already rife discourse on potential legal and policy responses for environmentally-induced migrants. Specifically, according to the abstract, the study “sets […]