Video: Foresight Report on Migration and Global Environmental Change

Did you miss the momentous report on “Migration and Global Environmental Change” released by the UK’s Government Office for Science’s Foresight Programme? Have you been living under a rock? No worries. You can read a short summary by the UK’s Government Chief Scientific Adviser John Beddington, or you can catch the video below.

New Podcasts

Again, thanks to Forced Migration Current Awareness, we learned of a series of podcasts that deal with environmentally-induced migration : Stephen Castles Speaks on Climate Refugees (BBC, May 2011) [access] “Environmental Refugee” Not Accurate for Pacific (Radio Australia, May 2011) [access] Tuvaluans Don’t Want to be Called Refugees (Radio Australia, May 2011) [access] Many thanks, […]

Online Discussion Panel from the Environmental Justice Foundation

I have posted before about the Environmental Justice Foundation which is a UK-based NGO working internationally to protect the natural environment and human rights. Their “Climate Refugees: No Place Like Home” campaign is dedicated to arguing the case of those displaced by climate climate change, putting the call to governments and our political leaders for […]

Film: The Uprooted People

Below is a documentary film entitled “The Uprooted People” which was recently uploaded to YouTube by the Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS) of Bangladesh. LEDARS is a Bangladeshi NGO working in the southwest of the country, where its main focus is climate change and adaptation, human rights, gender equity, water and sanitation […]

Five-part multimedia series investigates Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have posted before about one of the fastest growing “megacities” in the world, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Nearly 500,000 migrants flow into the capital city each year, many motivated by environmental pressures. Erik German and Solana Pyne of GlobalPost examine the future of Dhaka in a five-part multimedia special report. This series is currently shown on […]

Video: Diffa – Pastoral Nomads in Niger

The International Institute for Environment and Development produced a movie on pastoral nomads in Niger and the increasing pressures they face as their traditional pastures dry up. The description of the movie is below. Diffa is a hot and arid region. Neighbouring Lake Chad has dried up over recent decades to a small fraction of […]