Video: "Hot Cities" Documentary Series by BBC World News

“Hot Cities” is a powerful and informative documentary series that was aired last fall on BBC World News TV. This is an excellent eight-part series about the present effects of climate change on cities around the world. Three of the episodes center around the issue of human mobility as a result of climate change at […]

Slideshow: Eyewitness Stories from the Sundarbans

The European Environmental Agency has put up a small slide show of photos of people from the Sundarbans affected by both the sudden and creeping effects of climate change. The Sundarbans is located across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. This slide show is part of their ‘Signals’ report which they publish at the […]

6 billion Others – Climate Voices

I haven’t come across much lately in terms of general reports and news related to climate change and human mobility. However as you can see in the past few posts, there have been some excellent thematic film projects and short videos from around the world that have emerged which highlight this humanitarian issue. The film […]

Video Report: In Low-Lying Bangladesh, The Sea Takes a Human Toll

(Yale Environment 360) January 27, 2010 – Danish photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Berg Moller recently spent nine months in Bangladesh, chronicling the lives of people struggling to survive just a few feet above sea level. He traveled to the South Asian nation after hearing projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about the millions […]

Video: The Rising Tide

Ekta Kothari submitted this video on January 8, 2010 as an entry to the ExchangesConnect 2009 Video Contest ‘Change Your Climate, Change Our World’. This film highlights the impacts of climate change in the Sundarbans, which is located across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The rising sea level has already claimed an island […]

Video: Bangladesh – Rising Tides Force Climate Migration

Climate migration has already begun in Bangladesh. Eight months after the last cyclone hit, huge areas are still flooded and 200,000 people live in make-shift huts in the high grounds. Many others have migrated to the capital city of Dhaka. In the first of two videos at, two families struggle to cope with their […]