6 billion Others – Climate Voices

I haven’t come across much lately in terms of general reports and news related to climate change and human mobility. However as you can see in the past few posts, there have been some excellent thematic film projects and short videos from around the world that have emerged which highlight this humanitarian issue.

The film “Climate Voices” is an extension of the 6 billion Others project by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, director of Home. The film project not only features testimonials from people around the world who have witnessed change in their daily life because of global warming, but also by the scientific community. 600 people were interviewed

in 17 countries. It was shown last December at the UN Climate Change Conference.

Segments of the 1 hour and 18 minute film are being uploaded to their YouTube Channel. Below is a 2 minute short where François Gemenne, researcher at the IDDRI, explains some of the psychological,

social and cultural consequences of climate change. He says: “One must not forget that it is not just a territory that disappears, not just houses and the living environment, its also cultures, languages and sometimes even nationalities that disappear”. I can also reccommend this segment where climate witnesses and researchers talk about the consequences of displacment due to climate change.


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