Climate change, Desertification, and Migration: Connecting the dots

(Responding to Climate Change) April 27, 2012 – While climate change and desertification can often go hand in hand, each one able to exacerbate the other, the role these two factors play in migration is starting to gain increasing prominence in research circles. “When it comes to climate change we speak more on the impact […]

Jon Barnett: Climate Adaptation Not Just Building Infrastructure, But Expanding Options “I think it’s appropriate to think about [climate change] adaptation or investments in adaptation as investments to open up the range of choices available to people to deal with an uncertain future,” said Jon Barnett, associate professor of geography at the University of Melbourne, in an interview with ECSP. “In some circumstances it might […]

Blog Post: No Way Out: Climate Change and Immobility

(World Policy Blog) September 12, 2011 – In the 1990s, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change asserted that “climate migrants” would be one of the most dire consequences of climate change. This, at times contentious argument, centers on how climate change acts as a “threat multiplier,” exacerbating existing environmental and social factors that drive migration. A precise correlation […]

Interview: Eurasylum's Monthly Interview on Climate Change and Migration: the Latest Evidence

Eurasylum ( has just released its new monthly policy interview, featuring Ms. Margareta cheap pharmacy Wahlström, Special lose weight calories Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction. The interview is on: “Climate change and migration: the latest evidence”. The interview can be accessed here.

Blog Post: Should Natural Disaster Victims Be Offered Safe Haven and Opportunity Abroad?

(Center for Global Development) October 27, 2010 – Last week, I hosted a roundtable here at CGD to discuss how the United States and other rich countries might better provide safe haven and opportunity to potential migrants from developing countries that are in acute need—particularly the victims of natural disasters. This question has been at the […]

Blog Post: Ready or not, climate change, and climate displacement, is happening

This is a great blog post I found on The Hill’s Congress Blog. It is by Alice Thomas, Climate Displacement Programme Manager for Refugees International, and encapsulates the Pakistan crisis with a climate change and migration viewpoint. (The Hill’s Congress Blog) August 18, 2010 – The devastating floods in Pakistan have claimed the lives of […]