'Time to Click' Shows Us the Human Face of Climate Change

‘Time to Click’ is an internet campaign calling on photographers around the world – professional and amateur alike – to help show the human face of climate change. Time to Click asks photographers to submit pictures that show how climate change affects their communities right now, and how it affects people in the places they’ve traveled to around the world. If you have any pictures to contribute to the campaign, learn how to add them by visiting the website.

Many of these images depict the causes of the mass displacement of human populations from the sudden and creeping effects of climate change. Click on the ‘fullscreen’ button and then ‘Show Info” on the slideshow above to see the description of each image. Alternatively, check out the Time to Click website or the campaign’s Flickr page.

The Time to Click campaign is part of ‘Tck Tck Tck’, an unprecedented global alliance of non-government organizations, trade unions, faith groups and people like you – all calling for an ambitious, fair and binding climate change agreement (timetoclick.org).

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