Podcast: Native Americans Lose Land to Rising Sea Levels

Photo credit: Samara Freemark

Over the next century, rising sea levels will transform coastlines all over the world. According to global reports, the impact will be felt the hardest in such places as Bangledesh and the low-lying Pacific Islands.

However, America is also at risk from the effects of the rising waters. A study which was released last month by two scientists from Louisiana State University, predicts that Louisiana will lose up to 5212 square miles, a chunk of land the size of Connecticut, by 2100.

Samara Freemark, a reporter for The Environment Report, has the story of one of the first communities to be displaced. In this podcast, she meets with the Native American Choctaws tribe chief, Albert Naquin. He is trying to convince the rest of the families to move, but is being met with some resistance.

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