Video: Kenya and the Realities of Rural to Urban Migration

Erratic weather patterns and increasing droughts and floods due to climate change are causing people in rural Kenya to migrate to the urban centre of Nairobi. There is evidence that already crowded slums are being overwhelmed by constant arrivals of people who are seeking a better life due to loss of rural livelihoods in the southeastern and western regions of Kenya. Many will also move temporarily to nearby small towns or camps where international protection, aid, and long-term development is needed more than ever before.

Ciara Sutton is a multimedia broadcast journalist who worked on climate change migration issues in Kenya earlier this year as part of a project for her buy cialis online no prescription MA in International Journalism. The project is supported by interviews with international climate change professionals and representatives on the ground from the Red Cross. She authors her own blog “Climate Change and Human Migration in Kenya” where she documented her journey, examines the lives of migrants, and posts related stories.

Below is a recent video from her website which highlights the issue of climate-induced rural to urban migration in Kenya:

Source: Climate Change and Human Migration in Kenya

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  • Terry McAdams

    i have travelled to Nairobi numerous times in recent years to do humanitarian work,I have personally seen the Kibera slum grow and expand. i do believe that legal recognition of those who are internally displaced by climate change in rural Kenya can alleviate some of this extreme poverty and further settlement into Kibera

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