News: Dhaka in Building Boom to Accommodate Climate Migrants

(Reuters AlertNet) Febraury 12, 2010 – DHAKA, Bangladesh – A building boom in rickety new huts is underway in Korail slum, the biggest temporary residence of landless people in Bangladesh’s capital. A growing flood of landless poor, many displaced by climate-related problems, are moving into the canal-side slum, which lies adjacent to Gulshan, one of […]

Video Report: In Low-Lying Bangladesh, The Sea Takes a Human Toll

(Yale Environment 360) January 27, 2010 – Danish photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Berg Moller recently spent nine months in Bangladesh, chronicling the lives of people struggling to survive just a few feet above sea level. He traveled to the South Asian nation after hearing projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about the millions […]

Who Counts as a "Climate Refugee"?

(The New Republic) January 4, 2010 – Joanna Kakissis has a nicely reported piece in The New York Times today on climate-driven migration in developing countries. The concept’s pretty simple: As the planet heats up, many regions are expected to see more frequent (and more severe) floods, droughts, and storms, which will uproot a bunch […]

"Environmental Refugees Unable to Return Home"

(New York Times) January 3, 2010 – DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Mahe Noor left her village in southern Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr flattened her family’s home and small market in 2007. Jobless and homeless, she and her husband, Nizam Hawladar, moved to this crowded megalopolis, hoping that they might soon return home. Two years later, they […]

Video: Bangladesh – Rising Tides Force Climate Migration

Climate migration has already begun in Bangladesh. Eight months after the last cyclone hit, huge areas are still flooded and 200,000 people live in make-shift huts in the high grounds. Many others have migrated to the capital city of Dhaka. In the first of two videos at, two families struggle to cope with their […]

Blog Action Day: How Will Bangladeshis Adapt to Climate Change?

BBC asks how will Bangladeshis cope with rising sea levels? Where will the population go? Up to 20 million people in low-lying Bangladesh are at risk from rising sea-levels, according to new research. The BBC’s David Shukman has been to see how some of the solutions may help those who are in areas vulnerable to […]