COP16, New Documents Roundup and News

In case you missed it, the International Organization for Migration has recently released its annual World Migration Report 2010. The theme of the report is “The Future of Migration: Building Capacities for Change.” Part A covers capacity-building while Part B looks at trends in international migration.

IOM has also released an associated background paper on Climate Change and International Migration. It is one of 19 background papers which have been prepared for the World Migration Report.

This year, the World Youth Report 2010 focuses on youth and climate change, and is intended to highlight the important role young people play in addressing climate change. It features a chapter on migration and is worth having a look.

Dr. Jane McAdam has published an article in the forthcoming (2011) 23(1) International Journal of Refugee Law entitled “Swimming Against the Tide: Why a Climate Change Displacement Treaty is Not the Answer”. Drawing on field work in Tuvalu, Kiribati and Bangladesh, Dr Jane McAdam will argue that advocacy for a new treaty addressing climate-related movement is misplaced for a number of reasons.

Click here for the abstract and to read the entire article. Jane McAdam has also written an article for the Syndey Morning Herald titled “Number of climate refugees overstated”.

Finally, Reuters AlertNet has published a news article “Destitute climate migrants seen heaping pressure on neighbours”.

Below are some pictures from COP16 including the side event “Climate Change, Environment and Migration Alliance (CCEMA): understanding impacts and finding solutions”. This event was well attended, and covered issues such as migration as adaptation and rapid urbanization due to environmental migration.

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