Publication: Climate Change and Migration: Rethinking Policies for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

In 2010, UNU-EHS and the MunichRe Foundation held a Summer Academy on “Protecting Environmental Migrants: Creating New Policy and Institutional Framework”, which aimed to develop policy options for decision makers to better address the needs of environmentally-induced migrants. The issue “Climate Change and Migration: Rethinking Policies for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction” presents the outcomes of that Summer Academy and the selected

papers of PhD students from different academic backgrounds. These papers cover various aspects of the complexity of protection issues for environmental migrants and analysis of current protection regimes.

Using case studies conducted in both developing and developed countries, these papers identified legal and institutional gaps and explored possible policy options for decision makers.

Table of Contents
Section One: Improving National Governance and Regional Cooperation in Managing Displacement and Migration: Selected Case Studies

Rapid-Onset Disasters

  • “Vulnerability and Population Displacements due to Climate-Induced Disasters in Coastal Bangladesh” by Dulal Chandra Roy
  • “Community Resilience and Hurricane Ida: How Marginalized Salvadorans Lacking NGO and Governmental Support Cope with Climate Shock” by Elizabeth Tellman
  • “United States Environmental Migration:Vulnerability, Resilience, and Policy Options for Internally Displaced Persons” by Michelle A. Meyer Lueck

Slow-Onset Disasters

  • “Food Insecurity and Environmental Migration in Drought-Prone

    Areas of Ethiopia” by Aschale Dagnachew Siyoum

  • “The Agulu-Nanka Gully Erosion Menace in Nigeria: What Does the Future Hold for Population at Risk?” by Chukwuedozie Kelechukwu Ajaero and Arinze Tagbo Mozie

Section TwoImproving International Law and Regional Cooperation on Migration to Enhance Development and Climate Change Adaptation: Selected Case Studies

  • “Regional Labour Migration as Adaptation to Climate Change?: Options in the Pacific” by Fanny Thornton
  • “Temporary Labour Migration for Victims of Natural Disasters: The Case of Columbia [sic]” by Nicole de Moor
  • “Climate Change and Institutional Change in UNHCR” by Nina Hall

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