Guest Blogger Vivien Dinh: Children – Agents of Change

The Copenhagen Summit in December marked an important step in mitigating the negative effects of climate change. It also brought to light the greater need to focus on how climate change has been affecting children. UNICEF UK recognized this gap and in a recent report entitled, “Our climate, our children, our responsibility”. UNICEF not only […]

Guest Blogger Vivien Dinh: Rights of a Child

Understanding why children are more adversely affected than adults is key to protecting children affected by climate change. But even more imperative is defining “childhood” and what it means in different countries. In many places in the world, childhood is no different than adulthood meaning children are expected to work from an early age and […]

Guest Blogger Vivien Dinh: Climate Change, Migration, and Children

The movements of peoples around the world due to climate change affects all of those involved but none is more susceptible to the problems created by climate change migration than children. Current trends show climate change is impacting the developing world much more directly than upon the developed world. Furthermore, 85% of the estimated 2.2 […]