AU Pushes the Envelope on "Climate Migrants"

(IRIN) October 29, 2009 – An African international agreement has opened the door to a debate on the rights and protection of people displaced by natural disasters, with a nod to migration as a result of climate change. The Kampala Convention, a ground-breaking treaty adopted by the African Union (AU), promises to protect and assist […]

African Union Recognizes Environmental Displacement in New Groundbreaking Convention

The African Union (AU), which is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 52 African states, held the Special Summit for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa this week. It took place in Kampala, Uganda and concluded yesterday, running from October 19 to October 23. The theme of the summit was “Addressing the […]

African Leaders Emphasise Plight of 'Environmental Refugees'

(AFP) October 23, 2009 – KAMPALA – African leaders recognised climate change as a major cause of human displacement during a two-day summit on the plight of the continent’s refugees which closed Friday in Kampala. Several African nations adopted a document on the rights of the continent’s 17 million internally-displaced persons (IDP), refugees and returnees. […]

Video: Kenya and the Realities of Rural to Urban Migration

Erratic weather patterns and increasing droughts and floods due to climate change are causing people in rural Kenya to migrate to the urban centre of Nairobi. There is evidence that already crowded slums are being overwhelmed by constant arrivals of people who are seeking a better life due to loss of rural livelihoods in the southeastern […]

Guest Blogger Vivien Dinh: Climate Change, Migration, and Children

The movements of peoples around the world due to climate change affects all of those involved but none is more susceptible to the problems created by climate change migration than children. Current trends show climate change is impacting the developing world much more directly than upon the developed world. Furthermore, 85% of the estimated 2.2 […]

Somalia: Pastoralists Leave Drought-Hit Villages

(IRIN) June 23, 2009 – Thousands of nomadic pastoralists in the self-declared republic of Somaliland have abandoned their drought-affected villages and moved closer to urban centres, officials have said. “More than 20 percent of the nomads have moved to the urban centres, [and are] living with their families in villages near towns,” Mursal Askar Mire, […]