Video: Bangladesh's Rising Floodwaters

(Al Jazeera) October 10, 2009 – In the middle of the world’s largest delta, an island is disappearing. Bhola Island is the “ground zero” of climate change, and home to what have been called the world’s first climate refugees. Bangladesh’s largest island is located where one of the country’s mightiest rivers, the Meghna, meets the […]

Climate-Related Disasters Force 20 Million Out of Homes in 2008

(IRIN) September 23, 2009 – Climate related natural disasters like droughts, hurricanes and floods forced 20 million people – slightly less than the population of Australia – out of their homes in 2008 alone said a new study, making a strong case for regularly monitoring displacement in the context of climate change. A total of […]

Video: Kenya and the Realities of Rural to Urban Migration

Erratic weather patterns and increasing droughts and floods due to climate change are causing people in rural Kenya to migrate to the urban centre of Nairobi. There is evidence that already crowded slums are being overwhelmed by constant arrivals of people who are seeking a better life due to loss of rural livelihoods in the southeastern […]

UK Launches New Plan to Support Bangladesh's Fight Against Climate Change

(DFID) July 13, 2009 – The UK is today launching a major action plan to protect 15 million of the world’s poorest people from the devastating impact of climate change in some of most high-risk flood areas on the planet. A fifth of Bangladesh – an area almost twice the size of London – could […]

Photography: ‘A Tale of Paradise Lost’

[Agence VU] In the last 10 years, farmers like Hatem Ali have had to disassemble and move their tin-and-bamboo houses five times to escape the encroaching waters of the huge Brahmaputra River in Kurigram. This river is swollen out of all proportion by severe monsoon that scientists attribute to global warming and melting ice in […]

Video: Disappearing Land In Bangladesh

[Al Jazeera] – In Bangladesh, local people are feeling the heat of climate change. Once a 250 square kilometer island, Kutubdia has been reduced to just 37 square kilometers within a century and more than half of the population has been forced to leave. And it is not the only island put at risk by […]